Armenian Heritage Honored at Zakian Rugs

Armenian Heritage Honored at Zakian Rugs
August 10, 2015
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September 10, 2015
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On Friday August 7th Zakian Rugs was the place to be as our very own Bob Zakian, third-generation owner of Zakian Rugs, paid tribute to his family’s heritage and to a piece of Armenian history by unveiling a very special mural honoring the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. This mural is renowned artist Kathryn Pannepacker’s interpretation of the Armenian Orphan Rug, which was hand-knotted by more than 400 orphaned Armenian girls and presented to President Calvin Coolidge in 1925.

Bob Zakian with Senator Hughes

Bob Zakian with Senator Hughes

How did this all come about? Well, it started when Zakian went to visit the Armenian Orphan Rug, which was on display in Washington D.C., and he ran into his niece. She is the one who actually suggested for him to have a dedication of the rug somewhere apart of his business. So he took some time to think about it and decided not only would it be a great way to honor his family’s heritage, but a great way to improve the community as well.
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President Calvin Coolidge

Then, it just so happened that local artist, Kathryn Pannepacker, worked on a mural as part of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program just a few blocks from Zakian Rugs and he tracked her down to paint the famous rug on front of his building.
Overall, it was a great day for his business, for history, and for the community as there is a change going on. A positive one that hopefully inspires others for the good neighborhood and its members.
Zakian Rugs Armenian Orphan Rug
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