How to Choose the Right Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood Flooring Sales in Philadelphia

Hardwood flooring can entirely transform the appearance of your home. But with different types of colors and finishes in the market, it can be challenging to choose a wood floor that’s perfect for your home. As you evaluate new flooring options, it is important to consider the beauty and benefits of wood. Zakian Rugs provides hardwood flooring sales in Philadelphia to enhance your home. 

What to Consider 

1. Type of wood flooring

There are basically 2 common wood products namely; engineered hardwood and solid hardwood. Solid hardwood flooring is often joined with a conventional tongue and groove alongside other material. Solid wood is usually available unfinished, prefinished, in strips and planks.

Engineered wood, on the other hand, is composed of several layers of plywood as well as a composite material. This type of wood flooring also comes in different thicknesses ranging from three to 10 inches. Although the two types of woods are real hardwood, the main difference is in the composition of the floor. Engineered flooring is considered stable because of its multi-ply construction.

2. Wood varieties 

There are several forms of wood floors. Some of them are harder and more durable compared to others. Durability is often the concern of many people when shopping for wood floors. Red Oak is known as the best when it comes to hardness in the United States. Although white and red Oak are the most popular residential wood floors, maple, hickory and walnut are also common options. You should find out the specific type of wood used in the flooring before making the decision to buy.

3. Color, grain and appearance

Considering the fact that wood flooring comes in a variety of species, finishes and styles, it is often easy to choose a floor that matches your room décor. For a country-style interior, we would recommend wide plank floors with defined wood grains. In the case of colonial homes, try to consider flooring in Maple and Oak. 

4. Type of finish

This is another important factor to consider when choosing the right hardwood flooring in Philadelphia. The finish is a major determining factor in how the wood floor will look. A similar type of wood can appear totally different when completed using clear gloss compared to a hand-scrapped or wire-brush finish. You should note that there are varied gloss levels and finishing methods that usually change the look of a wood floor. You can also  consider distressed, wire-brushed or hand-scraped finishes when looking for a wood floor.

5. Cost and installation

The cost of wood flooring normally depends on the type of wood finish and species. Solid prefinished wood flooring typically ranges from two dollars to twelve dollars per square foot. The price of engineered wood flooring is relatively lower compared to solid prefinished flooring. Installations are approximately half of the price of the flooring. But this can also be determined by the type of flooring and the person doing the installation.

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