How to Clean Your Hardwood Flooring From Zakian Rugs

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Hardwood Flooring in Philadelphia

The hardwood flooring market is expanding at a rapid clip, so owners are challenged to find proper cleaning solutions. No one wants to deal with a costly maintenance project that can cause scratches and damage. With this in mind, we will introduce you to some of the best methods for cleaning hardwood flooring in Philadelphia safely and efficiently. 

How to Clean Your Hardwood Flooring from Zakian Rugs

1. Mop or Sweep

It is the simplest and least expensive way to clean your hardwood floor. Put on some safety goggles, and use a squeegee like a broom to push the water back toward the faucet. Use a stiff-bristled brush to remove dirt from deep into the wood grain if you’re moping. Then, mop to remove residual moisture from where you’ve already mopped.

2. Vacuum by Hand

Many people believe that vacuum cleaners are superior when cleaning floors to dustpans, brooms, and vacuums with rotating brushes. Mats and brushes can scratch hardwood floors. If you already have a vacuum cleaner, this is probably the simplest way to keep your hardwood floors clean.

3. Clean with Water

Some people feel that washing hardwood floors with water removes dirt from underneath the wood grain more efficiently than using a vacuum cleaner. Fill a spray bottle with water and clean any surface spills immediately. To remove any excess dirt and debris, use a broom or a soft-bristled brush to pull the trash toward you so that it’s easy to pick up. The dirt has been removed from your floor without causing damage through friction between the floor and the brush. However, this method won’t help you get rid of dust or dirt.

4. Use Wood Polish

Use a microfiber cloth and apply wood polish in circular motions to get the best results. Make sure that you apply the polish evenly so that it shines nicely. Don’t forget to buff it with a clean, dry cloth when you’re done applying it. 

5. Remove Moisture 

The most important way to keep moisture out of your hardwood flooring is by getting rid of excess moisture, like water from a plant or any other source. One can do it by simply removing the source of moisture from your house or building an indoor humidifier so that the air stays at an optimal temperature and humidity level. Zakian Rugs hardwood flooring in Philadelphia helps you conserve your valuable resources and improve the quality of your indoor environment.

6. Get Professional Help

If normal cleaning methods don’t get rid of excess moisture, you may be able to hire a professional carpet cleaner who can help eliminate the moisture and odors that come from your hardwood flooring. One instance is where you will want to pay more for a professional who has been doing this for quite some time. They’ll know precisely how to remove the moisture, remove excess odors and make your hardwood flooring feel brand new again.

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