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June 2, 2021
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August 2, 2021

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We all want our Oriental rugs to look as good as new even after years of use. Sadly, most people don’t know any home care instructions and end up changing the configuration on the fabric, smoothing them out, or putting a burn mark on them. This leaves the rug looking shabby and old. An Oriental rug cleaning in Philadelphia is the answer to keeping your rugs looking like new. You can also try these tips to extend the lifespan of your Oriental rug. 

1. Regular Vacuum Cleaning to Prolong Your Persian Rug’s Life

Regular vacuum cleaning will give your Persian rug a facelift. When you get the rug cleaned professionally, you will have time to see the difference. This is because professional cleaners have the correct methods of vacuuming that leave the fabric without any imperfections. At Zakian Rugs, we have experts who know how to use the right tools and clean each layer of the rug correctly. We also offer cost-effective rug fluffing services but will get your rug looking good as new.

2. Air It Out to Prevent Moisture Buildup

Watermarks are one of the most difficult stains you can face. However, they can be avoided when cleaning your Persian rug. If you keep the rug in an airtight space, it will help prevent any moisture buildup. Cleaning the rug is also a good way to prevent this from happening. An Oriental rug cleaning in Philadelphia is essential for keeping your rug in good condition.

3. Clean Spills Immediately to Minimize Damage

Many people think that stains are permanent, but that’s not true. Stains can be removed using specific cleaning solutions. Even if the rug has been stained and dried out, a professional rug cleaner in Philadelphia can help remove the stain without using harsh chemicals.

4. Avoid Excessive Sunlight to Reduce Fading

Sunlight is your rug’s worst enemy once it fades away. Excessive sunlight will cause your rug to become brittle and lose color. It also makes the fringes unnoticeable, so you shouldn’t leave your Persian rug in direct sunlight for a long time.

5. Rotate to Distribute Wear and Fading

If your rug is in the same place for a long time, it is likely to develop fading or wear. You should rotate your Persian rug periodically to have even wear and will not fade. This will prolong the life of your rug and make it more valuable over time.

6. Supervise Pets Around the Rug

If you have a Persian rug in your home, then you know that pets can cause stains. You should take precautions and supervise the animals near the rug. If you come across any stain caused by the pet, it is advisable to have it cleaned.

7. Be Mindful of Furniture Placement

Sometimes, people have a tendency to overlook such little things. But even the placement of furniture can cause damage to your Persian rug. It is advisable to avoid placing furniture near the rug as it can cause wear and tear over time. This way, you can safeguard your rug against stains as well.

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