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Prevent Moth Damage to Your Oriental Rug

Your Oriental rug is a treasured heirloom that adds beauty and comfort to your home. But if you’re dealing with carpet moths, your rug could become damaged, requiring repair or even replacement. Antique pieces are often one of a kind, making it impossible to find a perfect replica. Protect your carpet from moth damage with these tips and find out how Zakian Rugs can provide Oriental rug repair in Philadelphia. 

What causes a moth infestation?

Carpet moth larvae eat keratin, a protein found in natural fibers like silk, wool, and cashmere. Their unique diet makes your Oriental rug a perfect target for their appetites. However, the mere presence of a rug isn’t usually the single cause of a moth infestation. Keratin is also present in human hair, skin cells, and pet dander – all of which combine to create dust. 

If your rugs are rarely cleaned, shaken out, or vacuumed, there’s a good chance that dust has accumulated and created an all-you-can-eat buffet for carpet moths. The larvae are the culprits behind those holes in your rug. Adult moths do not eat these fibers, but they can reproduce at lightning speed and exacerbate an infestation. Historic homes may also be at an increased risk for these pests, as they tend to be dustier than their contemporary counterparts. 

How can I stop moths from damaging my Oriental rug?

It is much easier to prevent a carpet moth infestation than it is to eliminate one. A regular cleaning schedule will go a long way towards reducing your risk of getting carpet moths. Try to vacuum and sanitize often, especially in areas near your Oriental rug that tend to collect dust. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re cleaning under your furniture and behind your doors, as moths are attracted to dark, undisturbed areas. If you already have moths, you may choose to try out carpet moth treatments or pesticides to fully eradicate them from your home. 

How do I know if my rug is affected by carpet moths?

Carpet moth larvae aren’t easy to see with the naked eye, but the damage to your rug will be evident. Holes, threadbare patches, and fraying are clear signs of moth activity, while a reduced pile could be an indication of an infestation’s early stages. You can also purchase carpet moth traps to detect any potential invaders. It’s best to identify carpet moths at the first signs of damage to minimize the harm to your Oriental rug. If you do spot wear to your rug, contact Zakian Rugs right away to schedule your repair appointment. 

Schedule Your Oriental Rug Repair

If your Oriental rug has been damaged by carpet moths, Zakian Rugs can help. We offer professional Oriental rug repair in Philadelphia for pieces of all ages, including vintage and antique carpets from eras as early as the 1900s. Contact us today for more information about our rug repair and cleaning services or to make an appointment with one of our flooring specialists. 

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