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April 23, 2021
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June 2, 2021

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If you have an Oriental rug in your home, keeping it safe from pet damage is important. These rugs are special antiques, and they often cannot be replaced if a pet unintentionally causes damage. They are items that require care and maintenance, so it is important to ensure you have good protection options to keep them in good condition. In  addition to Oriental rug repair in Philadelphia, try these tips to protect your rug from pet damage. 

Make Sure Your Pets Are Trained

If your pets are not trained, they could go to the bathroom in your home or tear up your priceless Oriental rug. A simple accident can lead to a costly replacement if you’re not careful. Ensure that your pets are completely house broken in order to reduce the risk of them damaging your rug. If you do run into a problem, our professional team at Zakian Rugs can provide premier rug repair in Philadelphia to restore the beauty of your Oriental rug. 

Maintain Your Pet

Pets are wonderful to have around, but they can also cause damage to your beloved Oriential rug. When your pet’s hair gets caught in the rug’s weave, it can ruin the design and make it unsightly. You don’t have to take your pet for a bath all the time, but you should still use shampoo or spray some dry shampoo on their coats and paws every couple of weeks.

If your pet leaves behind a lot of dander, you can also bathe them with a chlorophyll shampoo. Chlorophyll is an extract found in plants that replaces the dirt and oil on your pet’s skin with fresh, clean energy. It gives your pet an instant glow!

If you neglect your pet’s nails, they can snag the materials when excited, and it could potentially cause damage. Make sure your pets’ nails are trimmed regularly to prevent any damage.

Provide Toys 

If you have a dog or cat that can’t seem to stop clawing at your Oriental rug, they may not be getting enough enrichment. Provide extra toys, chews, or scratching posts to give them the opportunity to expend some of their energy. When pets have another option to scratch or chew on, they will often leave your valuables alone and solely focus on their new toy. Be sure to position these new toys or scratching posts far away from your Oriental rug in order to decrease the chances of your pet getting bored and damaging it. 

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