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October 2, 2021
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Rug Cleaning in Philadelphia

Nowadays, homes come with vast amounts of fabric. From carpeting to curtains to upholstery, your home is covered in garments that add color, texture, and style to the house’s look. As the fabric ages, it sheds the dirt and dust accumulating deep inside. An Oriental rug cleaning isn’t just an option when you have to redo a carpet, but also when you want to maintain the beauty of your rugs. Our professional rug cleaning in Philadelphia can help in more than one way to keep your home clean, safe, and functional. Here are ways in which professional rug cleaning services can help you keep your home safe:

1. Rugs are prone to stains and spills

The longer the stain stays on a carpet, the more likely it will develop into an odor. Professional rug cleaners can remove stubborn stains that may have been allowed to permeate into the fabric. There is also a possibility that spills may have made their way through the underlayment and into the carpet. At Zakian Rug, we offer rug cleaning services that include disinfecting carpets to remove the odor and reduce ammonia, a common carpet stain.

2. Deodorizing

One of the most prominent features of a professionally cleaned carpet is that it is thoroughly deodorized. Professional rug cleaners use safe, effective cleaning solutions and equipment to sanitize carpets and remove odor. An Oriental rug cleaning in Philadelphia involves thorough wiping and scrubbing the carpet fibers to remove all traces of bacteria, germs, and other microorganisms. Rug cleaning services can remove stains, odors, dust mites, and allergens that may have penetrated deep into the carpet fibers. With a clean, sanitized carpet, you can feel comfortable knowing that your home is free of germs and contaminants.

3. De-mothing

Oriental rug cleaning also involves the cleaning of rugs. This professional service can eliminate odors caused by spills, stains, and dirt that have been left in the fabric. Whether your rugs are made of natural fiber or synthetic fiber, a professional cleaning can remove all traces of contamination and make your rugs suitable for use in a home. This service can also reduce allergens, which may trigger asthma attacks or other allergic reactions such as covid. Demothing also helps to sanitize your home by using a safe deodorizing solution that’s added during the cleaning process.

4. Scotchgarding

The fabric is sprayed with scotchgard during rug cleaning to protect it against future spills and stains. This water-resistant liquid shields your rugs against the damage caused by spills and stains. The fabric only needs to be sprayed once before the rug is turned over and sprayed from the back. Professional rug cleaning is also done to remove scotchgard from carpets. At Zakian Rug, we have been fabricating rugs for over a century, and we can help you with any of your Oriental rug cleaning needs.

5. Machine washing

In some cases, Oriental rug cleaning in Philadelphia involves machine washing of the rugs. This is done to remove stains, spots, and spills that have made their way deep into the fabric. If a spill or a stain is fresh and hasn’t had ample time to dry, it can be removed by machine washing it. However, this is not the ideal method as it may cause the fabric to lose its texture and feel. In most cases, professional carpet cleaning is preferred over machine washing.

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