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Zakian will bring new life to your fine Oriental or area rugs with expert cleaning, rug stain removal, and disinfecting. Our in-plant cleaning system safely extracts more dirt and gets rugs cleaner than any other method.

We’re a family-owned business that has been providing and cleaning Oriental rugs and area rugs for the Wyncote, Greater Philadelphia PA and NJ area since 1923 and we are ready to serve you, too.

 It all started with putting the consumer’s interests first. Hagop and Aghavni started Zakian rugs with the intention of serving the West Philadelphia area by offering their services as rug cleaners. They brought value to the community by how well they could rejuvenate the looks of home rugs. Today, the legacy lives on plus some added services, such as the supply of rugs made of 100% natural fibers and synthetic rugs for customers who prefer to have them. Our trained professionals know exactly how to understand the client’s needs and provide excellent customer service. When it comes to the best oriental rug and area rug cleaning service, it is important to find out what makes the service stand out. Our 4.9-star reviews by over 300 customers speak for us. You can rely on our services just by reading our client reviews. We believe in transparency and by reading our reviews, you will be able to see how much we are dedicated to providing top quality rug cleaning and disinfecting services to clients in Wyncote.

How Often Should Oriental Rugs Be Cleaned?

Oriental rugs may be considered an investment as they are made of 100% natural fibers, such as sheep’s wool, camel hair, pure silk, and other durable natural fibers to enhance the longevity of oriental rugs. It is important that your rugs be cleaned, but more importantly, you should be aware that your oriental rugs need cleaning and disinfecting services every 1 to 3 years. Like all things, there is a caveat and nuance that affects how often your rugs need to be cleaned. The more traffic and stains your rugs and carpets get, the more often cleaning will be needed. 

Our Oriental and area rug cleaning process is remarkably effective. First, your Oriental or area rug is thoroughly washed and rinsed on both sides. Then it is disinfected with a CDC-approved product that effectively kills both bacteria and viruses. Finally, it is fluff dried and returned to you sparkling clean and smelling fresh. Contact an oriental rug and area rug cleaning and disinfecting services near Wyncote to learn more about how you should bring your rugs in for cleaning.


How Much Does it Cost to Clean Oriental Rugs and Area Rugs?

At Zakian Rugs, we have affordable oriental rug cleaning costs– Only $4.00/sq ft in comparison to other local rug cleaners that charge up to $8 per square foot.

Best of all, Zakian Oriental rug cleaning is quite affordable. It costs only $4.00 per square foot to clean most handmade Orientals. All you need is your Oriental or area rug sizes and you can easily determine your cleaning costs. Or, call us with the dimensions and we will calculate the costs for you. Whether your rug is synthetic or made with 100% natural fibers, a professional rug cleaning and disinfection service near Wyncote will not only clean your rugs without depreciating their look and value but will also walk you through what to expect with your oriental and area rugs. If you do have rugs made with synthetic fibers, visiting a rug cleaning service that specializes in not just oriental rug cleaning and disinfecting, but also synthetic area rugs will allow you to understand how much longer your rugs will last, how much more washes are left in the life of your synthetic carpet and rug.

Add-on Oriental Rug and Area Rug Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

Other than cleaning your oriental rugs and area rugs, there are other tough stains we come in contact with. After all, you may decide to clean your rugs because you saw some stains and noticed some awful smells when you have guests over. Some of the other services Zakian Rugs offers to spruce up the look, smell, and feel of your oriental rugs and area rugs are:

Stain Removal Food & Pet Stains

Deodorizing Fresh Clean Scent

Demothing Repels Moths Safely

Scotchgarding Safe and Effective

Free Pickup and Delivery

How To Tell is My Rug is Washable

These days, washable rugs are becoming more and more popular, but where the mistake lies is when the rugs are not washed in the way the manufacturer instructed. You can tell a rug is washable when the material made with it is cotton, polyester, olefin/polypropylene, sheep’s wool, camel’s hair, or pure silk. The mistake that is often made is when area rugs are thrown into the washing machine, the color bleeds out a bit, and then the same rug is either thrown in the dryer and shrinks a bit, or is hung to dry outside and appears duller in color. If you want to preserve the life of your rug, whether it is oriental rugs or area rug, you want to always be in the know of how it should be washed. Typically the labels attached to the rug will tell you how washable the rug is. If your tag is damaged or the words have faded, there are other ways to tell if the rug is washable or not. Other signs that help you determine if your rug is washable are:

  • Doing a color test. When you use a house cleaner against a spot on your rug check to see if the solution causes the color to bleed. This test will tell you how fast or slow the color bleeds, if it bleeds fast, your rug is washable, however, needs to be handled with delicate care. It is not advisable to handle this kind of rug on your own in such a case.
  • Burning a small piece of the rug fabric. If it burns like hair, it is 100% natural fiber and needs professional oriental rug or oriental area rug cleaning and disinfecting services. If it burns like plastic or has a plastic-like smell when you burn the piece, it is a sign that your rug is washable.
  • If the rug is Olefin or Polypropylene, it is washable. If you decide to wash it on your own, you might run the risk of having a less smooth feel. Remember, these kinds of rugs are not made with natural fibers, so you want to visit or contact an experienced area rug and oriental rug cleaning and disinfecting services serving the Wyncote.

How Often Should My Area Rugs Be Cleaned?

The general rule for area rugs is to have area rugs cleaned at least every 12 months. This will, of course, change by how much traffic, pet and food stains, toddler stains, or urine stains interfere with your rugs. If you currently have area rugs made out of pure silk and other natural fibers and also have puppies and are raising a family, it may be a better idea to consider getting area rugs made with synthetic fibers. This is so that the natural fibers are not tampered with by multiple stains caused by pets and toddlers in the house. It is best to make sure you are in touch with a professional rug cleaning service near Wyncote that can help you decide how to navigate through situations where you want to have your area rugs cleaned, but also deal with pet and toddler stains. An oriental rug and area rug cleaning and disinfecting company serving Wyncote is likely to help you figure out best practices for raising a family while maintaining the look and feel of your area rugs and helping you figure out whether or not a synthetic or natural fiber rug is best for you.

Additional Services


Stain Removal

We have special treatments for both food and pet stains. Just show the stain to our driver and we will do our best to get it out. And in most cases there is no extra charge.


An after-wash treatment with our new demothing product will repel moths from your oriental or area rugs in a simple, safe manner.


If your oriental or area rug has a stubborn odor, ask for our after-wash deodorizing treatment. Our special formula attacks the source of the odor and leaves your rug with a fresh, clean scent.


Let us give your fine Oriental or area rugs the added protection of Scotchgard. It’s a safe and effective way to keep your rugs looking cleaner, longer.

Always, Free Pickup and Delivery

So why not restore the beauty of your Oriental or area rugs today. Call now for your free estimate. Our friendly staff will arrange a convenient time for our drivers to come to your home and pick-up your rugs. And with orders of at least $75, there is never a charge for pick-up or delivery whether you are in Ambler, West Chester, Moorestown, or close by in Wynnewood, Haverford or Gladwyne. Trust Zakian to bring new life to your beautiful rugs through our expert cleaning and skilled rug repairs.

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“I just had a rug cleaned with these folks, and I’m delighted with the results. The service was totally professional, and my phone calls regarding pickup, order status, and delivery were always answered promptly, courteously, and with accurate information. The rug has never looked better. I highly recommend this business.”

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