Oriental Rug Cleaning Ardmore: Where Do Oriental Rugs Come From?

Oriental Rug Cleaning Wayne: Can You Tell The Difference Between Hand-Made and Machine-Made Rugs?
July 7, 2015
Oriental Rug Cleaning Wayne: Can You Tell The Difference Between Hand-Made and Machine-Made Rugs?
July 7, 2015

When some people hear the word “Oriental” they think Chinese or Asian culture. So does that mean Oriental rugs only come from these areas? No. Oriental rugs and carpets are hand knotted in Asia, Nepal, India, Turkey, Iran, China, Tibet, and Pakistan. Persian rugs also fall in this category, but have very distinct characteristics. They include:

  • Very thick pile up to 160 knots per square inch
  • Rich color combination
  • Unique designs
  • Distinct knots

The art of carpet weaving dates back to ancient times. Each rug has a unique pattern, color palette, and knot that translates to a specific area of the world or specific tribe. Typically, each tells a story about the family or tribe through pictures or symbols. These include various animals, plants, and colors.

What Do The Symbols On Oriental Rugs Mean?

Each symbol and each color stands for something. Because these rugs tell a story each animal, plant, symbol, and color have meaning. For example a picture of a camel typically is a symbol of wealth. A lion stands for victory. A lily stands for purity. Everything has a meaning and although each rug can be very beautiful, the true beauty lies within the story. Here are some more examples:

  • Oriental-rug-cleaning-ArdmoreBats = happiness
  • Elephant = power
  • Dragon = emperor
  • Dove = peace
  • Bamboo = wealth & honor
  • Carnation = wisdom
  • Lotus = purity
  • Red = happiness
  • Yellow = power
  • Blue = truth
  • Black = destruction

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