Oriental Rug Cleaning Wayne: Can You Tell The Difference Between Hand-Made and Machine-Made Rugs?

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At Zakian, we offer beautiful rugs that add flair to any room in your home and we have so many different styles we are confident we can find one that will fit your taste and your budget. Handmade or machine-made, we offer rugs that come in a variety of sizes and colors. To the untrained eye some might say there is hardly a difference between the two. However, the differences are actually quite astonishing.


Wayne Oriental Rug Cleaning Should Only Be Performed By Professionals

Have you taken a closer look at your Oriental rug? If you inherited an Oriental rug or if you are thinking about buying one don’t be fooled. One of the easiest ways to tell if the rug was hand knotted or machine made is to flip it over and look at the back of the rug. Is the weaving perfectly uniform? Are the knots exactly the same size? Is the fringe sewn on? If you answered yes, then you have a machine made rug. You may ask yourself, “Shouldn’t all rugs be like this?” Due to the fact that a hand made rug takes hours and hours to complete and, of course, is not as precise as a machine you should be able to see the details that make these rugs not only works of art, but expensive pieces handed down from generation to generation. Therefore, whenever you need professional Oriental rug cleaning in Wayne, choose Zakian for all of your rug repair and rug cleaning needs.


Another way to tell if an Oriental rug is either hand-made or machine made is to look at the backing. Does it look as vibrant or as clear as the front? If not, then that rug was made by machine. A hand tufting gun is a popular tool to use because it speeds up the process tremendously to where it may take only one day to complete versus months or years if done by hand. At Zakian, we sell both hand-made and machine made rugs to fit whatever your budget may be. And of course we offer Oriental rug cleaning, Oriental rug repair, hardwood flooring and more!

Zakian Oriental Rug Cleaning in Wayne, PA Call Today!

At Zakian, we can help you create a beautiful living space with a unique area rug that compliments your taste and room decor. And if you already own oriental rugs we can help them looking and feeling new with our Oriental rug cleaning and repair center. After all, we know carpets. We have been cleaning and selling Oriental rugs and area rugs since 1923. Contact us today and we can show you the difference Zakian can make! Providing Oriental rug cleaning in Wayne, Philadelphia, and surrounding areas!

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