Our Unique State-of-the-Art Cleaning Process

How Zakian Rugs Preserves and Cleans Your Rug
May 29, 2019
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June 30, 2019


If you ever attempted cleaning an oriental or area rug on your own, you were most likely frustrated with the outcome; dirt stains that continue to stick out like sore thumbs, lack of vacuum pressure from a device that induces a soapy water residue. Would you place shampoo on your hair without thoroughly rinsing it off afterward? Here at Bebirian Rugs, a New Jersey Oriental Rug Company, we have the advantage of making the fibers on your rug return to their near vibrant original form, no matter its age. Give us a call.

Bebirian's Rug Cleaning and Rug Repairing Services

Our unique state-of-the-art cleaning process


Once you point out, to our drivers, the stains on your rugs, our well-rehearsed staff will thoroughly attempt to eliminate them by first taking into account analytical factors such as the type of textile (weave-type of knot), thickness, material base, and wicking rate. We will also factor in the rug’s country of origin, age, pile content, foundation material, dyes, and its general condition. We use several of the latest, top of the line solutions to pre-treat your rug, depending on the type of blemishes it contains; caked, hued, and density just before implementing our thorough cleaning process. We then gently wash both sides of your rug. As a final touch, we, out-and-out, rinse it with the right amount of clean, fresh water pressure followed by our powerful pumps entirely withdrawing all liquids and solid matters from inside the rug. The result is a dry touch, totally free of dirt. Once we return you the rug, you will agree that our biggest concern is your satisfaction. As a New Jersey Oriental Rug Company, Bebirian rugs puts into effect quality evaluation processes throughout each aspect of our business.


Complimentary estimate, pickup, and delivery


Our free estimate process over the phone is quite simple. Once you provide us with the size and type of rug you own, we will quote you a satisfactory and affordable price. We will arrange the pickup of your rugs by one of our drivers at a time that is beneficial to you. Call us today!


Our satisfied customers


Here at Bebirian Rugs, a New Jersey Oriental Rug Company, our reputation goes back a century with our many happy customers. Below are reviews from some of our very content clients, plus under the review tab (next to the coupon tab), you can see additional high-quality ratings.


Our solid history


Our company was founded in 1912, and since then we have been servicing Oriental and area rugs to the satisfaction of our return customers who recognize us as a top of the line Oriental and area rug cleaners, plus as a featured rug restoration company.


Call today! We will provide you with a quick and satisfactory free estimate!

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