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August 25, 2020
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Oriental Rug Repair is Important

When you need or want to restore your precious Oriental rugs, let us at Zakian Rugs tell you how our local Oriental rug repair company serving Delaware County can bring our years of experience to your aid and make your Orientals as gorgeous as they are meant to be when restored to their original beauty by the use of outstanding talent and the finest of products. The preference for Oriental rugs has increased dramatically, so you want to keep your own treasure in excellent shape so that it can continue to be enjoyed. 

When do you need Oriental Rug Repairs?

* You should inspect your rugs on occasion so that you can catch small tears, holes, unraveling, fraying, or any other signs of damage while the fixing of those items is still small and has not progressed to a major repair. 

* Your carpet is composed of a series of intricate knots that need to be repaired quickly if they begin to come loose.

* You know you have a special collector’s item that warrants repair by experts when it becomes necessary.

* Know that even if your rug comes into our local Oriental rug repair company serving Delaware County just to be cleaned, it will receive a complete inspection in case any repairs are required.

* Oriental rug repair is an art form that has been passed on from generation to generation to keep those outstanding carpets able to also last through several lifetimes as they become heirlooms in a family. 

How are the repairs made?

Our flooring specialists know just what to do to make “invisible” repairs. That can include: 

* using wool yarn of a matching color to reweave a damaged section

* patch holes caused by moths or burns

* refringe by hand

* also reknot or reweave by hand, which is the superior method that will maintain the original rug’s integrity

* do some careful and matching recoloring if an area is too worn

* whatever else might be necessary

Call us today at Zakian Rugs, your local Oriental rug repair company serving Delaware County, for more information, to have any of your questions answered, and to discuss being able to give you an estimate to show you how our expert craftsmen operate and what all their professional expertise can do to reconstruct and preserve your heirloom rugs. The repairing is an elegant form of art that has been lovingly taught from one generation to another.

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