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January 23, 2021
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March 23, 2021

Your investment in the timeless beauty of an oriental rug makes a bold statement. You value its rich colors and exotic beauty as a true work of art, but you also believe in the importance of the utilitarianism of your possessions. As with any useful textile, your oriental rug is going to be touched and handled many times over. No doubt, you’ll do you’re best to protect its elegance. If, however, your rug needs care of a more professional nature, we at Zakian, the top oriental rug repair company serving Main Line Philadelphia, can help.

When Are Repairs Necessary?

The dramatic colors and patterns of oriental rugs make them a popular choice for most any location in your home. Their beauty and plush fibers make them welcome in any living space where comfortable, often heavy furniture is likely to be placed upon them. They also make excellent runners in high traffic areas. It’s inevitable that, over time, they will become damaged.

Zakian, the top oriental rug repair company serving Main Line Philadelphia, provides fine rug repair and restoration for a host of damages including:

  • mending of holes, burns and tears
  • fraying ends
  • hand fringing
  • reweaving
  • repairing damage from moths
  • repairing sides that curl
  • recoloration

Additionally, should you choose to hang your oriental rug on a wall for display, we can sew a casing on the back to accommodate a rod.

What Are Some of the Most Common Repairs?

Sides and Ends

It is fairly common for the ends (the two sides of your rug that have fringe) or the sides of your oriental rug to become loose with wear or from playful pets. The problem worsens if left unaddressed. When repairing the sides, our rug restoration experts will expertly wrap the damaged side with a wool of matching dye so as to create a seamlessly matching appearance to the original rug. Fraying may also be prevented by sewing a cloth binding along the sides.

In the best case scenario, repairing the ends may simply be a matter of resecuring the loose fringe to prevent unraveling and cutting them to even lengths if the situation is warranted. In some cases we may need to install new fringe or implant a portion of fringe that will match the original.

Repairing Holes

Holes in your rug can occur from burns or the stress of heavy furniture. When attending to a hole in your rug, our restorers will first prepare the area for reweaving by repairing the fibers of its underlying structural grid. Duplicate wool threads are then sewn in place over the hole and trimmed to match the pile of the rug. A less-expensive repair may be accomplished by sewing a remnant piece of a similar rug into the space created by the hole.

Don’t Despair – Simply Repair!

You love your oriental rug, so don’t delay when it starts to show wear. Call Zakian, the top oriental rug repair company serving Main Line Philadelphia, and we’ll restore its natural beauty.

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