When It’s Time To Call In The Oriental Rug Experts

Signs An Area Rug Needs Cleaning
January 14, 2020
Fixing Your Oriental Rug
March 11, 2020

Oriental rugs are one the most beautiful pieces of decor you can add to the room. While each one may grow in value and make any room look stunning, there’s an obvious issue that can’t be overlooked, damage. Whether it’s wear and tear or something more serious, we’ve got all of the issues that mean it’s time to call a Main line oriental rug company.

If you have a carpet that is in a high-traffic area, chances are you’ve probably become familiar with the concept of fraying. Don’t recognize the term? You can probably spot it a mile away. Borders that suddenly go from tight to unwound threads are a good sign you’ve got the problem or are well on your way to something worse.

Pulled Threads
Oriental rugs are tightly woven to create their exquisite patterns and details. Just one loose thread can mean the entire design as well as the rug itself is at risk. While it may be tempting to just pull at that thread or cut it off, that could actually be the worst decision possible. In fact, cutting the thread can further unravel the rug. While we’re on the subject, a loose or damaged tassel could have the same results on Main line oriental rug company rug. Just one pulled out of alignment could lead to additional damage.

Fading Colors
Color is one of the most striking aspects of any rug that Main line oriental rug company sees. When those brilliant colors fade, it can turn a brilliant gem into merely just another living room rug. The most common cause of fading is placing a rug in a spot where sunlight is prominent. While it might seem like a lost cause, we know that pros can do some pretty surprising things

Doorway Dents
While it might not be the technical term for these issues, doors and doorways are a big reason this happens. So, what is a “doorway dent”? It’s that annoying line that runs along any portion of the rug. This depression usually runs from side to side and puckers around the edges. If you’ve folded up the rug for storage, you might also notice a few of these “dents” in place of each fold.

If there’s an Oriental rug problem, chances are we’ve probably seen it. Give us a call today and see what we can do to bring your most prized Oriental rugs back to new.

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