Why Now Is the Perfect Time for Professional Area Rug Cleaning

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January 22, 2019
Why You Need to Clean Your Oriental Rugs
March 4, 2019

Any home featuring authentic oriental area rugs already has the edge when it comes to elegance and timelessness in décor. However, keeping these heirlooms beautiful for decades or longer requires professional upkeep.

Thorough, gentle oriental rug cleaning serving New Jersey.

Bebirian makes maintaining your oriental rugs simple. In business for more than 100 years, we offer exclusive detergent blends and tried-and-true techniques to keep your rugs vibrant, vivid, and free of odors. Why should you seek an oriental rug cleaning serving in New Jersey right away?

Our colors don’t run.

The particular dyes used to make authentic oriental rugs would bleed if we relied on common commercial cleaning solutions. We all must also be mindful of the amount of moisture oriental rugs are exposed to. Special cleaning agents and staff with expertise in the heirloom rug cleaning process are necessary to preserve the integrity of your rug’s design.

We lift stains for you.

You cannot attack a stain with cleansers found in the average home. They can remove dyes and destroy fibers. That’s why we offer affordable treatments with estimates delivered right over the phone. From food stains to pet accidents, don’t risk damaging your rug any further – bring it to us at Bebirian, an expert oriental rug cleaning service serving New Jersey.

We can reverse the damage.

When you call us, there’s no need to hide that rug in a dark corner, or even worse, discard it. Our comprehensive rug repair services can eliminate unsightly curling, fraying, and wear. We can even revive rugs damaged by burns and moths. Since we’re able to identify the origins of your rug, right down to the material used to craft it, we know how to best bring your rug back to life. Display your fine rugs with pride, as repair is always more cost-effective than purchasing an authentic replacement.

Our professional cleanings keep your rugs gorgeous longer.

Many fine oriental rugs are passed down for generations – unless they meet an owner who does not properly care for them. If you want your loved ones to enjoy the beauty of your genuine oriental area rugs as well, schedule maintenance with Bebirian. We will prevent buildup, infestations, and fraying from ruining your precious heirloom over time.

We’ll be gentle.

From the moment we pick up and load your rugs into our trucks, to the all-important drying process, your oriental rugs are handled with extreme care. Settling for anything less can compromise essential, delicate components of your rug. Since Bebirian has been in business since 1912, you can be sure our many satisfied customers appreciate the caution and care we put into maintaining and revitalizing each and every piece.

Our service is unmatched.

With a century of experience, our professionals can tell you more about your rug: where it was made, the type of knotting used, the dye formulation, and more. We offer free pickup and drop-off, can Scotchgard your pieces against further staining, and custom fit pads to help further extend the life of your rug. With the convenience, experience, and range of services Bebirian has rolled out for you, there’s no reason let another day pass without calling us for a professional cleaning.

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