Why Your Carpet Seems Dirty Around the Edges

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July 31, 2018
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September 4, 2018

No matter how carefully you vacuum your carpet, you might notice the edges always seem a bit dingier than the rest. While you might think this is caused by poor housekeeping, a more likely cause is filtration soiling.

What Is Filtration Soiling?

When you run heating or air conditioning in your house, air is being forced into rooms. If there isn’t adequate ventilation, the excess air often escapes through gaps between the baseboards and the floor. When air escapes using this path, it passes through the carpet, which turns the carpet into something of a filter. Particles that were in the air are strained out into the carpet, giving the edges a streak of grey or black.

What Can I Do To Fix This?
There are several steps you can take to reduce filtration soiling.

  • Clean the air ducts in your HVAC system
  • Increase ventilation so air can escape
  • Seal up baseboards where air is escaping through the carpet
  • Dust frequently and reduce air pollutants

Unfortunately, once a carpet is stained, there is little you can do to fix it since the pollutants tend to be very fine particles and are difficult to get out with a household vacuum cleaner. Professional carpet steaming is usually the best way to remove those unsightly stains.

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