• How often should I have my Oriental rugs cleaned?
    Every three years if subject to normal use and more often if you have pets or the rug is in a heavy traffic area. Atomized oils and dust particulates settle on the rug in the normal home environment resulting in a gradual color change of the rug. If the rug is not cleaned regularly, the soil may react with the dyes and pile fibers and permanently discolor the rug.
  • Do you throw all the dirty rugs you clean into a washer and clean them together?
    No. All rugs are cleaned individually. Fresh soap and fresh water are applied to each rug as it is carried through the cleaning process on a conveyor. The back of the rug is cleaned first and then rinsed. The front or pile face of the rug is cleaned using brushes as soft as facial brushes to gently open the pile allowing the soap and rinse water to flush away the soil and grime.The rugs are inspected, then hung to dry in a humidity controlled drying room to remove any remaining moisture. Lastly, the fringes are cleaned, rinsed and groomed.
  • Can you get the stains out of my rug?
    Some stains are permanent discolorations of the pile fibers caused by liquids such as wine, coffee, soft drinks, etc. Wine and coffee contain tannins. Most soft drinks contain food colorings or dyes. Tannin and food dyes share similar properties with dyes used to color the wool of Oriental rugs. We have had some success in making these types of stains less perceptible, but, many modern rugs are treated with a chemical bath at the weaving facility to impart a luster to the wool, and those chemicals do not react well to stain removing agents. Pet stains such as urine is a discoloration that is usually permanent. Over the counter products sold to remove urine stains usually contain bleaching agents that cause the wool pile to weaken and eventually rot. Our cleaning process flushes out the urine residue and helps to prevent further damage. We often apply an oxidizing agent that will lighten-up the stained area in most cases. You can be assured we take every possible measure to improve the problem without further damaging your rug.
  • What assurance do I have “my rugs” will be returned to me?
    When our drivers pickup your rugs they are tagged with your name and work order number before they are placed in the truck. Upon arrival at our plant they are measured, examined top to bottom, a waterproof tag affixed, and a work order is generated that follows the rug thru the cleaning process. As a further measure we digitally photograph each rug for our records.
  • Why is padding so important?
    Padding helps to extend the life of Oriental rugs by absorbing any irregularities of the floor surface that may cause premature wear. Padding also allows air to circulate under the rug minimizing the possibility of dry rot and mildew. Increased air circulation enhances the effectiveness of vacuum cleaners allowing them to remove more particulate matter from the rug pile. And they just feel good under foot.The proper pad is important. Using the wrong pad can negate all the aforementioned benefits and can be detrimental to your rug. We stock many types of pads and can custom cut the correct one for your rug.