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June 26, 2019
Always Hire a Professional When it Comes to Your Oriental Rugs
July 21, 2019


Do you cherish your rug, yet when you focus on its rip, tear, hole, fray or discoloration, it dampens your spirit? You might say to yourself, “If it didn’t have such an obvious disfigure, I would be more at ease inviting my friends and neighbors over.” Fret no more. Here at Zakian rugs, a Main line Oriental rug company, we have the solution. Our skilled native craftsmen have ample experience in restoring your rug to its original beauty. Call us today!


We specialize in repairing all types of damages, even the oddest ones. If you have an oriental rug such as a Sino Persian, Bidjar, Turkish, Tabriz, Shiraz, Ardebil, Hamadan, Sarouk, Kelim, Herez, Peshawar or Nepal type that is not in the best condition, we have you covered. Equally, we ensure quality results for silk and wool rugs, whether they are flat weaved, tufted, hooked, loomed, or machine programmed.


Detailed inspection


As a Main line Oriental rug company, here at Zakian rugs, we dig deep into the skeletal foundation of your rug by first inspecting the warp and weft threads, pile knots (Persian or senneh), edge binding, kilim, and fringes to determine if some restructuring of your valued rug is necessary. Our skilled artisans continue the analysis by aiming at identifying any signs of unraveling to confirm if the rug is still intact, precisely as when you first purchased it. We then study the Medallion (also known as the heart and center of the rug) thoroughly to verify the quality of its floral design, plus the rug’s guard borders, corner brackets, and field.


According to the type of rug you own and its original firmness, we also probe it for deficiencies in the base structure, which is vital to its longevity. Taking into account how much you value your rugs, we administer a strict quality control process throughout Zakian rugs that is second to none.


Our skilled native craftsmen


At Zakian rugs, a Main line Oriental rug company, we take no shortcuts. Our repair department is staffed with skilled native artisans that have generations of experience under their belt using the finest imported yarns and materials. We have over 250 high-quality reviews from satisfied customers. Please feel free to skim through them.


Under our repair gallery, we display samples of various unique repairs, illustrating impressive, before and after images performed by our skilled native craftsmen. Here are some examples of what our professional staff has accomplished for our high volume of repeat clients:

  • repair moth damage
  • fix burn holes
  • repair fraying
  • hand fringing
  • reweaving
  • patch holes and tears
  • recoloring worn areas
  • size reduction
  • sew sleeves onback for hanging
  • repair curled sides
  • selvedging
  • overcasting


We look forward to seeing you satisfied once again with your cherished rugs, just as when you first purchased them! Call Today!

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