How Zakian Rugs Preserves and Cleans Your Rug

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May 28, 2019
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June 26, 2019

Zakian Rugs is a reputable company that offers convenient cleaning services for rugs. If you have an oriental rug that’s dirty or dusty, our Berwyn oriental rug cleaning crew can get rid of the debris without damaging any fibers. We produce professional results during all jobs by implementing strategic cleaning procedures using commercial equipment, soaps, and shampoos.

How Zakian Rugs Preserves and Cleans Your Rug

Our Vacuuming Process

In order to protect rug fibers while vacuuming, we always set the brush height to the highest setting. We never adjust the brush extremely low because it will tug rug fibers, which is a problem as pulling leads to balding.

Our goal during every Berwyn oriental rug cleaning job is to remove all dirt off of rugs, and we achieve this by vacuuming both sides. To get rid of dirt on the surface of a rug, we maneuver vacuum the front side, and we use our equipment on the opposite side to extract dirt underneath the top layer.

We’re thorough rug cleaners, so we take proper steps to extract dirt and dust on fringes as well. For these jobs, we don’t use the beater bar as it can damage delicate fringes. Instead, our crews use vacuum attachments to extract debris.

Professional Oriental Rugs Cleaning is Beneficial

When professional oriental rug cleaning services are used regularly, everyone in the home benefits. The top perks include:

  • No allergies: Allergies are triggered when dust lands on a rug and lingers. As people walk on the dust, their feet propel the particles into the air, and the flying pollutants affect allergy suffers. We help allergy suffer breathe easier by extracting large grains of dust and microscopic dust particles.
  • No infections: Most pollutants that rest on the top of a rug can cause skin infections. To get rid of these contaminates, a rug needs to be vacuumed and deep cleaned. If you have kids who usually unwind on your rugs, we can strategically cleanse the fibers so that they can avoid infections.

An oriental rug is an investment that has bold textures and appealing patterns. In order to preserve the fibers and designs, you’ll need to use professional cleaning services on a regular basis. You’ll benefit from working with us because our Berwyn oriental rug cleaning crew never cuts corners during jobs. Customer satisfaction matters to us, so we clean rugs carefully, and we always use different cleansers for specific types of material. If you want to try our oriental rug cleaning service in Berwyn, contact us today.

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