How often to clean your Oriental Rug?

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October 15, 2020
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December 15, 2020

Are your oriental rugs dirty? Do you need a top oriental rug cleaner? Oriental rugs require extra care when cleaning. To achieve this, one must involve the service of a professional oriental rug cleaner.

Local oriental rug repair company serving Delaware County is a top oriental rugs cleaner that can help you achieve your goal. We ensure that we have removed urine stains, odors, and dirt from the rugs safely with our machine.

How often to clean your oriental rug

Ideally, most people clean their oriental rugs once per year. However, this depends on how they are used; if they are often used, Zakian Rugs experts recommend that you should clean it once after six months.

High-quality oriental rugs require professional cleaning to ensure that the rugs have maintained their beauty and durability. The use of harsh and bleach chemicals isn’t recommendable because they affect the rugs’ natural fibers.

Most companies that produce the rugs recommend cleaning services and items that should be used to maintain its beauty. Zakian Rugs can restore your rug’s original color, appearance, and luster. Our technicians know what to do and how to go about it to achieve your needs.

Why you should choose our oriental rug cleaning

  • We offer excellent customer services
  • We have well-equipped and experienced oriental rug technicians
  • Our cleaning solutions are safe and effective
  • Our team is available 24 hours

Our cleaning steps

Our oriental rug cleaning process involves four main steps which include:

  • Dusting– we first remove all the dust from your rugs before we wash.
  • Washing– we use specialized equipment in cleaning, our effective cleaning by removing dust, dirt, and allergens from the rugs
  • Rinsing– the process of rinsing is done with great care to avoid affecting the oriental rug.
  • Dying– our drying is done in a controlled environment.

How we clean your oriental rug

Local oriental rug repair company serving Delaware County has a follow-up procedure. The steps include,

1. We take your oriental rug to our cleaning plant. This is where our state of machinery for cleaning your oriental rug is located.

2. We begin the cleaning running the rug through a rug duster. This process loosens and removes all dry debris.

3. We then apply pets urine treatment to remove urine odors from the rugs.

4. The oriental rug is placed on an automatic washtub for the deep removal of dirt on the fibers gently.

5. The rug is taken from the tub and rinsed to ensure that all the cleaning solution is done.

6. The next step is to dry your rug under a controlled climate environment. We will ensure that it has completely dried before we finally deliver it to you.


Local oriental rug repair company serving Delaware County provides the best cleaning services for oriental rugs. You only need to contact us for our services.

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