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November 22, 2020
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Hardwood floors are a popular feature in many homes. Zakian Rugs, a top oriental rug repair company in Chester County and neighboring Pennsylvania municipalities, invites our customers to read further to learn about the benefits of these features and proper maintenance techniques. 

Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring


Numerous contractors maintain that hardwood is amongst the strongest and most durable flooring materials currently available. In many instances, hardwood properly installed and maintained hardwood can last decades. 


Hardwood flooring is said to add value. Prospective buyers often view wood flooring as an asset. Therefore, sellers owning residences with such features often sell their homes for greater amounts and over shorter timeframes. 


Some interior design industry professionals opine that wood flooring is adaptable and capable of meshing with any particular design style. Such attributes could prove important when purchasing a new home or when undertaking various design or makeover projects. 


The appearance of hardwood flooring remains the same for extended periods. The product’s color does not change or fade, which enables this feature to enjoy a new, fresh look for many years. 

Can Be Refinished

Should homeowners with hardwood flooring wish to alter the material’s color, this task can be accomplished by a process known as refinishing. During this process, a finishing agent is applied to the wood’s surface to change its original look. A top oriental rug repair company in Chester County opines that the refinishing process is more manageable and far less costly than installing new flooring. 


Industry professionals believe hardwood floors give homes an elegant quality. These same experts maintain that this feature is inviting, old-fashioned and greatly improves a structure’s aesthetic quality. 

Proper Maintenance Tips

Another notable attribute of hardwood is that said constructions are relatively easy to maintain when compared to other flooring materials. That said, homeowners should still practice the following upkeep tips:

Employ Furniture Pads

Though strong and durable, hardwood is susceptible to scratching. Industry professionals suggest that one way of attempting to counter this pitfall is to attach items known as furniture pads to objects, including:





*Entertainment System Bases




It is important to realize that preventing all scratches may be impossible. However, executing this action will significantly reduce such incidents. 

Promptly Clean Spills

One issues that can exert a negative influence over wood is moisture. Therefore, spills must be wiped away immediately. 

Vacuum Regularly 

Particles, like dust and dirt can settle inside wood’s floorboards. Over time, said occurrence can precipitate health issues, such as, allergies. Luckily, dusting, sweeping and vacuuming several times per week will prevent the accumulation of these potentially harmful materials. 

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