Steps to Thoroughly Clean Oriental Rugs

The Importance of Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning
April 29, 2019
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May 28, 2019

Steps to Thoroughly Clean Oriental Rugs

Professional oriental rug cleaning services can make a dull or dingy rug look like new. At Bebirian Rugs, we strategically clean oriental rugs to eliminate deep dirt, heavy grime, and stains that impact color and beauty. To understand the quality of our services, you’ll need to understand the steps that we take to thoroughly clean oriental rugs.


We vacuum the top and bottom of rugs to extract all dirt and grime. Our commercial-grade vacuums produce strong suction, so they can suck up thick dust piles and microscopic particles. Customer satisfaction matters to us, which is why we always cleanse delicate rugs with care. If a rug has fringes, strategic steps will be taken to keep the fringes away from a vacuum sweeper.


For tough stains, we loosen dirt and grime by washing soiled surfaces with a soapy solution. To protect delicate rugs, we always use mild soaps and shampoos that don’t damage rug fibers. When we scrub rugs to get rid of dried stains, we guide brushes across the surfaces strategically to avoid damaging or roughing up designs and patterns.


After we create soap suds on rugs, we thoroughly rinse away the foam with water. If needed, we’ll carefully squeeze a rug to remove any excess water.

Collingswood Oriental Rug Cleaning Services are Beneficial

Our Collingswood oriental rug cleaning methods are convenient, and our techniques provide peace of mind. By working with us, you’ll get

  • High-quality cleaning services: As a high-quality rug cleaning team, we deep clean rugs to boost the air quality in homes. We also eliminate germs and allergens by disinfecting oriental rugs using our commercial-grade tools and equipment.
  • Training and experience: Many oriental rugs are woven in unique ways. In order to protect your rug’s fibers, patterns, textures, and designs, you must let an experienced, highly trained technician clean your rug using proper techniques. Our seasoned technicians know how to clean all types of rugs without damaging their fibers. We never use improper techniques that can lead to wear or dramatic discoloration.
  • Solutions for trouble spots: As dedicated technicians, we go above and beyond to make rugs stand out in an appealing way. Besides traditional cleaning, we’ll implement procedures to freshen rugs. This means that we’ll use scented products to destroy mild to severe odors on lush oriental rugs.

If you have oriental rugs in Collingswood that need maintenance, contact us today. We’ll cleanse your rug thoroughly to restore its appeal. Our Collingswood oriental rug cleaning crews proudly serve people in many neighborhoods and suburbs.

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