Signs An Area Rug Needs Cleaning

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December 30, 2019
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February 3, 2020

Area rugs are decorative objects placed upon floors as a means of improving a room’s aesthetic appearance. That said, maintaining optimal condition and quality of said items requires consistent and thorough maintenance.

Zakian Rugs, which has served the Philadelphia region for more than 90 years and is widely considered a top oriental rug repair company in the area invites our customers to read the following blog highlighting signs that an area rug requires cleaning.

The Onset Of Allergy Symptoms

Philadelphia homeowners might need to contact a top oriental rug repair company in the area for a professional cleaning if they or other residents experience allergy symptoms. Granted, allergies could be precipitated by a host of causes. However, over time, offending materials, such as, dust, allergens and pet dander have a tendency to collect in area rugs.

Should such substances accumulate in significant amounts, they might elicit physical manifestations, like sneezing, coughing, runny noses and watery eyes. An area rug is the likely culprit of these issues if residents of or visitors to the home witness these symptoms when in the room housing the item.

The Presence Of Young People

Area rugs might also house potential dangerous bacteria. In many cases, children are more apt to become seriously ill should these pathogens enter their bodies. Therefore, homes with young children or businesses that service the needs of this facet of the populations are strongly urged to get their area rugs cleaned with relative frequency.

Unusual Or Bothersome Odors

Persistent odors that do not dissipate despite intense and thorough cleaning or give no indication of their origin likely emanate from a rug or carpeting. In numerous instances, unpleasant smells are caused by potentially harmful materials like pathogens, allergens, mildew or mold.

Different Shades Of Similar Colors Appear

Varying shades of the same color fabric often indicate discernible dirt infiltration. Dirt not only disrupts the rug’s aesthetic quality but could harbor potentially hazardous materials, such as, allergens and microbial agents.


Large or stubborn stains could be precipitated by a host of substances, ranging from pet waste, water, food or beverages. Over time, these blemishes not only look unsightly but could attract insects or lead to the buildup of mold or mildew.

The Rug Is Worn

Aging carpet often has a flat and worn appearance. A thorough cleaning often goes a long way to bringing back its original shine and typically also infuses the item’s fluffy quality.

Contacting Us

Home or business owners located in suburban Philadelphia are encouraged to contact us if they notice any of the preceding symptoms. As a top oriental rug repair company in the area, we employ only the most experienced and skilled carpet cleaning professionals.

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